Monday 21 May 2007
I started 2 books this evening that I couldn't get into. I think I have a case of bad book sydrome. I sometimes go through a phase of just not liking a few books I start then reading something good then a few more I hate before getting back on track. It is good for my 'TBR' pile though :)

I got to about page 50 of 'Thunderbird Falls' by C.E Murphy and decided to stop. I thought the first book 'Urban Shaman' was ok but not mindblowing. Her short story in 'Winter Moon' was poor but I already had this book at home so I decided to give it a go. Anyway I just don't like the story that much...and the whole talking to a coyote all the time/mechanic policewoman just isn't doing it for me.

The next book I didn't carry on reading was 'Wolf at the Door' by Christine Warren. I didn't really get past the first chapter of this one. If I book starts off with a chapter with characters having sex already of wanting to 'f*ck' someone then I am not usually impressed. This book fell in to the 'f*ck' catergory and put me off. I am fed up of books filled with sex. Maybe I will try this one again some other time if I have nothing else to read but the first chapter wasn't really making me want to read any further.

So that was my books for this evening! 2 down and 100's more to go ;)


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