Sunday 26 April 2009
Magic practitioners are being targeted and killed in Chicago and many more have disappeared. Harry Dresden is called in by his police friend to take a look at one of the murder scenes and he finds a very important clue. The murderer is leaving a calling card and it is a message for Harry. So he sets out to find the killer.

The list of suspects is short but one starts to stand out more than anyone else, Harry's half brother Thomas. Wanting to make sure justice is done and the real murderer is caught Harry goes about clearing his brothers name. All the while he is attracting the attention of the White Court of vampires and suddenly finds himself stuck in a power struggle.

This ninth book in the Harry Dresden series was, in my view, not the best yet. I really enjoyed the beginning of the series but as things progress I find myself not enjoying the stories as much as I used to. Less Bob, too much politics, an annoying apprentice and a lack of police support are just a few of the thoughts this book left me with.

Of course I will never give up on Harry. I do love this famous wizard and there is no way that I could not keep following his adventures. However when a series gets as long as this one there will always be certain books or aspects that every reader will like or not like. White Night is obviously my not like for the series but it isn't enough to put me off.

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