Monday, 20 April 2009
Savannah's twin brother and wife were brutally murdered a year ago and ever since Savannah has been looking for vengeance. Looking for the beast that killed the only family she had left hasn't been easy and it is only the small clues she has found in a diary that has gotten her this close.

However there is a huge problem. Savannah doesn't have much time left to defeat the killer. To keep her promise to her dead brother she goes to the only person she hopes can help her. She goes to William and tries to convince him to turn her into a vampire so she will be strong enough to do what she must.

Getting the kiss of the vampire isn't that easy and Savannah isn't even sure if she can trust him. How far will Savannah go to get revenge, will William help her and who is stalking her and her friends. A race against time and evil is in the fate of a man who lost his soul a long time ago.

This early book by Cynthia Eden had a good balance of paranormal and romance. Not too over the top there was a great historical element to the story and alot of depth. I really liked the twist at the end of the book and it would be interesting to see how things progressed for the characters involved.

Another great read by a great writer. I am looking for more Cynthia Eden books and can't wait to delve into them.

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