Saturday 11 April 2009
After running away from her old life, Helen is working as a sales assistant in an exclusive boutique in Fort Lauderdale. Off the books so nobody can track her down, she earns just enough to cover her bills. Her life was alot easier before but now she is on the run and she has to take the only job she can get.

The job isn't exactly perfect but Helen doesn't mind until she realises her co-worker is embezzling money as well as a few other law breaking money makers. When murder gets mixed into things Helen puts her life in danger to find the real killer so she won't get the blame. After all if her name ends up printed anywhere she has a paper trail and her old life might be able to catch up with her.

First in the cozy series 'Dead-End Job Mysteries' this was a very thrilling start. I like a little cozy mystery and this was perfect. Helen is a nice character, realistic and the plot wasn't too over the top. Funny as well as gripping I was hooked and couldn't put this one down.

Luckily I have the next three books in the series waiting for me on my bookshelf and I am sure I will be reading them sooner rather than later. Elaine Viets also writes another of my cozy mystery favourites 'The Mystery shopper' series.

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At 11 April 2009 at 16:43, Blogger Vickie

I like this series, too. Some cozies feel 'forced' rather than someone who is genuinely tryin to help or get themselves out of trouble. This one feels as natural as fictional characters and situations can.


At 11 April 2009 at 18:20, Blogger Ginny

I like both of these series from Viets. Fun reads! I haven't looked her up in awhile, thanks for the reminder. Hopefully I will be surprised with a new book I haven't read.


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