Saturday, 4 April 2009
The Radio station WVMP is "The Lifeblood of Rock 'n' Roll" and Ciara Griffin manages the unusual nocturnal DJ staff. Once a con-artist she is now running the blood drinking crew of vampires who are obsessed with the music from the era they died in. Ciara keeps the undead happy, the ratings up and the fan base expanding. Oh and she is having a relationship with one of the vampires.

Halloween is the only true undead holiday and WVMP is throwing a huge party. Loud music, great costumes and lots of drinks it is sure to be spoken about until next Halloween. However this is the evening that a religious fanatic takes over the WVMP airwaves. None of the listeners want to hear about their evil sins and going to hell. They just want to hear the cool tunes and party but what are the DJs and Ciara to do?

With no help from the authorities Ciara and the gang track down the illegal religious transmission but that is only the start of things to come. Ciara has to protect the station again while trying to keep her relationship with the hunky vampire Shane on balance. She also has a new pet to care for and a best friend who has decided that being bitten by a vamp isn't too bad. Throw in the fact that Ciara's blood has some strange powers and you will be left wondering if Ciara will make it to New Years Day in one piece and with her sanity still in tact!

Bad to the Bone, like it's predecessor Wicked Game, is an amazing read. Carrying on the unique storyline of a vampire radio station this book is the Paranormal Urban Fantasy equivalent to the best chocolate you have ever tasted. With a great plot, fantastic characters and that special musical touch this is a series I hope will be around for years to come.

Jeri Smith-Ready has become one of my favourite authors. Her Crow Trilogy took my breathe away, Requim for the Devil surprised me and Wicked Game gave me hope for the future of the genre. The author has yet to, and most likely can never, disappoint me and continues to astound me. With such a fresh look on things and a different angle on the world of vampires this series and anything else she writes is not to be missed.

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Wicked Game then make sure you catch up on the WVMP vampires before trying out Bad to the Bone. If you are just waiting for Bad to the Bone to come out (due in stores in May) and you haven't yet tried Jeri's other books, I suggest you do.

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