Monday 2 March 2009
Kimberly over on Darque Reviews nominated me for an award! Thank you honey!

Here are the rules:

List five things you are obsessed with/addicted to and nominate five fabulous blogs to pass this award on to!

5 Obsessions/Addictions:

1. Reading – Everyone knows I am addicted to books and the more paranormal the better.

2. Stars - I love stars and buy all manner of clothes, bags, jewellery etc with stars and usually never get around to wearing any of it. I even have star tattoos.

3. Buying Books - Even though I have more than enough to read I can't stop myself from ordering the new releases and anything else that takes my fancy. My to be read pile keeps growing. If only someone would pay me to read!

4. Order in the kitchen - I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my kitchen at home and the one in work. The contents in the fridge have to be put inside in a certain way and the glasses, plates etc have to be in the cupboards in their proper place. My work collegues think it is amusing.

5. Addicted to TV Shows - There are so many amazing TV shows and I get addicted very easily. If I haven't come across a show before and it was already on, for example, 3 seasons. Then I will usually end up watching one season a week until I am caught up.

5 nominations to 5 gals who I want to visit everyday but never manage too, but still think their sites are fabulous! :

1. Literary Escapism

2. Patricia's Vampire Notes

3. Vampire Genre

4. Vampire Wire

5. Sidhe Vicious Reviews


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