Sunday, 15 March 2009
Amy Atwood is a witch and not the nice kind. She is the devil worshipping kind of witch who got mixed up with Lucifer aka Luc. The Amy found her sister in bed with Luc and she turned her back on him for good. Or so she hopes. Going to Witches Anonymous and following the thirteen steps is the best way to go good but it doesn't look like Luc is about to let her go that easily.

Giving up magic, being normal and human isn't easy but then Amy meets Adam and things start looking up. She owns an Ice-Cream parlour and he loves to eat Ice-Cream, he is a firefighter and she has some fires he can put out for her. Sounds like a perfect match but Luc is still on the sidelines and he is up to something.

Then the angel Gabriel shows his face and Amy learns something about Adam that makes things a bit more biblical. Amy has a decision to make and she doesn't like either of the options. Will she make the right choice?

This was a nice short story that kept me happy to read till the end. The witches anonymous angle was interesting and it would have been nice to have had the story go into more depth about that. The angel and demon angle was also fascinating and I liked the way the author brought it all together without it sounding ridiculous.

Chick-lit like paranormal with romance thrown in is how I would describe this tale. This was a well thought out story that would have surely been a very good full length novel. I would love to see what happened next but I doubt there will be a sequel. Instead I will keep an eye out for something else by this author because her style has quirked my interest.

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