Sunday 8 March 2009
Forensic psychologist Megan Rhys is supposed to be on holiday but a gruesome discovery is made the day she arrives in the Welsh village she is visiting. The corpse that has been found could be thousands of years old or less than fifty. Another two bodies are found within days of the 'bog body' discovery and everyone knows that it can't be a coincidence.

Meanwhile Megan's journalist sister Ceri is being used by her editor to get the story nobody else can get close too. Megan's skills in forensic psychology and her gut instinct for trouble gets her stuck right in the middle of the investigation. With family secrets, affairs and other obstacles to get past to solve the case, Megan can only hope that someone will finally speak out and give them the vital clue they need.

I love this series and the realistic hard hitting plots the author never fails to come up with. This is only the third book but I am thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to read more. Megan is a strong and clever character and even though she has a hard job to do I would still love to do what she does. I am sure you will be hearing more about this author from me soon. This is a mystery series that is a great break from my paranormal addiction.


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At 8 March 2009 at 16:25, Blogger samantha.1020

This sounds like a series that I would like so I'm off to search and find the title for the first book. Great review!


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