Saturday 7 March 2009
Sadie Novak can see and talk with ghosts. A gift that she sometimes sees as more of a curse than a blessing. You see she cleans crime scenes for a living and she often finds herself coming across a ghost or two while on the job. Of course she helps them if she can but she has be careful after other people finding out. Afterall, anyone watching her talking to a spirit would see Sadie just talking to herself.

On her latest clean up, Sadie and her partner Zack, come across some satanic evidence and a baby. While on another scene Sadie finds alot of money that a gang of motorcylists had stashed away for safe keeping. Throw in a few ghosts and Sadie is suddenly mixed up in something she doesn't completely understand but could see her dead. Things start to make sense and Sadie begins to learn more about her ability and her family.

A great second part in the Ghost Duster mystery series. Still new, unusual and gripping as the first in the series, this sequel only builds on the great foundation the author laid down in 'Remains of the dead'. With twists and turns all the way through you really don't see what is coming next. Keeping things unique with the crime scene clean up angle the paranormal aspect fits in perfectly and works well.

With some great characters and the continuing story behind Sadie's ability, the romance with her co-worker and her family there is more than enough to keep me reading this series. I only hope that the wait until book three is a short one. Ghost Dusters is a paranormal cozy mystery that will interest alot of different readers.


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At 7 March 2009 at 18:26, Blogger Vickie

Thanks for the review, Amber. I liked the first one and look forward to this one. It's a cool concept.


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