Wednesday 18 February 2009
Jordan's life sucks. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael, slept with half of the student body when she split up with him and then he killed himself. Now Jordan is literally haunted by the whole experience because Michael keeps showing up night after night at her bedroom window.

All Michael does is beg to be let in and all Jordan can do is drink and try to get some sleep. Jordan has no idea why he is visiting her every night but she is scared to be outside after sunset and her friends are starting to notice that something is up. Will Michael manage to wear down Jordan and get invited in?

I came across this book through my Amazon recommendations and decided to give it a go. For a young adult book this is filled with peer pressure and all the bad things teenagers shouldn't do. As a paranormal book this has a vampire theme which is, in my honest opinion, not given enough attention. All in all this was a nice short read with realistic characters. I am going to see what else the author has on offer and may even try something else she has written if it falls into the paranormal genre.

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