Sunday, 15 February 2009
Darren Shan is travelling with the Cirque Du Freak again and they are on their way to the town where Darren grew up. Going back home is scary and someone could recognise him but he knows it is something he has to do. Things have changed over the years but he still goes to check up on his family from a distance. After all he can't show himself to them as they think he died years ago.

Being home turns into more than a trip down memory lane when Darren runs into some old enemies. He also runs into some old friends who are ready to help him but in the fight he will loose some things close to him and find out some things that he will wish he didn't hadn't.

This is the eleventh book in the Saga of Darren Shan and I am extremely glad that the next book is the last. Not only was this book very predictable but it was also quite boring compared to the books in the beginning of the series. At the start this story about a boy turning into a half vampire was addictive and had me on the edge of my seat but now as things come to an end I am glad it will soon be all over. I just hope the ending is a good one and doesn't leave anything open.

This is a great young adult series more for younger teenagers. Worth recommending to anyone in that age range but obviously a little too easy for anyone older.

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