Sunday 15 February 2009
Thais Allard's powers are beyond belief. To think that she didn't even know she had any a few months ago still fazes her but then again she didn't know she had a twin sister either. With so many changes in her life she hasn't had much time to sit down and think about everything that has happened. Now things are are calming down she finally wants to get revenge and she is even thinking about turning to black magic to achieve it.

Clio Martin has always been around Magick but recently she has been wondering more and more about what she could really achieve with what she has. One of her deepest wishes is to become immortal like the others in the Trieze but to do that she will have to destroy the twin sister she only just found out about a few months ago. With so many secrets and with them all slowly coming to light the twins will face alot of decisions.

A Necklace of Water is the fourth and final book in the Balfire series. I loved Cate Tiernan's 'Sweep' series and naturally couldn't resist reading this series too. However I can't say that I really enjoyed these books as much. I didn't really even like the characters as much. Well written and with a good plot this should have been a read to remember for me but the Balefire series didn't really excite me alot.

This fourth book, I hoped, would at least bring some closure for me but after the book ended I just felt like there should be more. I am glad that the series is over but on the other hand I would have liked to see more about Clio's and Thais lives. Maybe Cate Tiernan will write more about them sometime in the future...otherwise I would just settle for something new from the author. After all she can write a very good magical filled young adult series and I would love to see what else she can come up with.

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