Sunday 4 January 2009
She is the girl that nobody sees. She may not be invisible but Charlotte Usher is just not one of the popular people in school. Hence no one takes any notice of her or what she does. Then one day she really isn't there anymore. Her being dead doesn't stop her from wanting to be seen but it means she can be more creative about it.

Being seen isn't as much as a problem as Charlotte first thought. Luckily for her there is someone who can see her and that someone has links to the popular girls in school and the guy she has a huge crush on. Having to graduate Dead school is not Charlotte's main priority but will she manage to do it anyway?

Ghostgirlwas a very entertaining and fun read. Alright the whole storyline about a girl not seen by anyone and then dying doesn't exactly sound like fun but the author did a great job of making this story one that will stay with the reader forever. The interesting way that Charlotte deals with her death and how death is in her school was unique and interesting. I loved the characters and maybe me being a 'Charlotte' in school (not the dying part) made this such a great read for me.

The book itself is so nice. With artwork all the way through, quotes and remarks for every chapter this book felt like it had feeling before the feelings were even shown. This is for anyone who ever felt invisible, young or old, popular or not popular. A young adult novel but one with a message and so well written. I will be looking out for more work by this author.

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At 6 January 2009 at 07:53, Blogger Kimberly Swan

Great review Amber! I really enjoyed this story as well, and I just love the book itself. :)


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