Saturday 3 January 2009
Finally Rachel has her witch powers and she couldn't be happier. Add to the fact that she is off to Summer camp with her sister Miri and big crush Raf and things are going perfect! However camp doesn't turn out to be as cool as Rachel thought it would. Sure she made friends but the water is cold, there are huge bugs and her spells aren't working like they should. Then things start getting just plain weird.

Miri isn't getting any letters from their mum and Rachel's new friend gets sent home from camp. Then every time Rachel and Raf get some time alone something weird happens. It doesn't take long for Rachel to work out that there is something magical at work but who is using spells against her? And why? Camp is supposed to be an experience you will never forget but Rachel is sure she should be taking other memories back to New York with her and not somebody elses memories.

The Magic In Manhattan series is a whole lot of fun and this third part Spells & Sleeping Bags was just as cute as the previous two books. Maybe a little too teenage orientated for some adult readers but I really like the story lines and the characters. You can't help but laugh about some of the things that happen and each book leaves enough in the story left open for you to be silly not to get the next in the series.

With some new characters in this book and a change of scenery I really felt like I was at camp with the girls. What the author has in store for Rachel in book number 4 I don't know but I can guarantee that I will be finding out sooner rather than later. A must read for any young people you know and if you are an adult who likes reading good YA books then try this series.


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At 3 January 2009 at 23:46, Blogger kalea_kane

Sounds great to me! My neice and I share all the books we read so it would be a hit for either of us. Thanks for the review. :)


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