Sunday 18 January 2009
Savannah was a place where Bree spent a few summers when she was growing up but when her uncle dies and leaves her his law practice she sees it as her new home. While renovations are made to the office Bree has to find somewhere to rent so she can start work. An old house in the middle of an all-murderers' cemetery is spooky but in her price range so she listens to the voice in her head and takes on the lease.

Then the strange things start happening. First a package from an old professor with her new office address, that she hasn't announced yet, on it. Then a phone call from a man who died earlier in the day. Spooky but nothing that can't be explained, Bree doesn't realise that that she has just opened a ghostly new law practice and her first client is already in the afterlife.

This is the first book in a paranormal cozy mystery series called Beaufont & Company. This first book is sometimes slow and also a little confusing at times but by the end of the book I was sure that this is a series I want to follow. Not only is this fresh and new but it is quite charming as well. This stands out because it is extremely different to anything I have come across until now. Ghosts, afterlife and angels are all mixed into a law firm and it has a great main character to put it all together.

Defending Angels is the first book in the series and Angel's Advocate, the second installment, is due out in July. A nice blend of paranormal and mystery, this has grabbed my attention and it reminds me alot of the cozy mysteries written by Charlaine Harris.


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At 18 January 2009 at 16:04, Blogger samantha.1020

This definitely sounds interesting. I love Harris so I will be checking this one out.


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