Wednesday 14 January 2009
Working for is a great job for Genny Taylor. It pays the rent and she is good at finding magic and cracking it plus it is run by witches so the vamps stay away from her. Although the vamps are so much of a problem lately. They are the big celebrities who give out the 'Gift' so they are really cool. However if you aren't human vampires can be deadly and Genny is a Sidhe Fae so she knows how deadly vamps can really be.

When a sexy vampire is accused of murdering his girlfriend someone calls an old debt in and gets Genny on the case. She is forced to help find out what really happened and in the meanwhile risks her job at Trying to find the killer has Genny getting deeper and deeper into the vampire world, a place where she doesn't want to be. Soon she realises that she is being used and is part of something much bigger that just a murder case.

I am not really a fan of novels based on Fae but this one, for some reason, really appealed to me. So when I started reading I expected to get bored, as I usually do with Fae stories, but I found myself hooked from the start. What grabbed me first was the fact that this book isn't set in America. Sure there are books in the Urban Paranormal genre not set in the States or Canada but they are very few. So having a British based book really grabbed me.

Then the style of writing and the main character caught me. Genny is, for me, a female Harry Dresden. The style of the book also screamed Dresden Files but it was Fae and not a wizard taking the main role. Of course the deal was sealed when all the creatures started to appear. Not only were there witches, Fae and vampires but trolls, brownies and much more present in this magical world that the author has created.

This was a brilliant debut that has guaranteed I will be getting the sequel when it comes out. Fast, action packed and sexy this was wonderfully British and a beautifully written Urban paranormal novel that I can highly recommend.

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At 14 January 2009 at 09:15, Blogger SciFiGuy

Wow reviews for this book have been all over the map from bad to good. I like your review and it convinces be this needs to be on my TBR stack.


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