Monday, 12 January 2009
Being a real life witch isn't as easy as it looks on TV. Jane Madison is finding this out the hard way by trying to find time to study, work and keep her best friend happy. Now that the biggest coven in Washington want Jane to join them it means a dream come true but even more time has to go towards her magic. Add to that a lovely British man who Jane has the chance to date and there really is very little time to do anything.

Jane is about to have alot of tests thrown at her and not just the ones the coven prepare for her. Not only will her friendships come under strain but the relationship with her family will too. Her job in the library will get in the way while her romance tries to bloom. Being a witch isn't easy and no spell on Earth can help Jane clean up the mess she is about to get herself into.

I read the Girl's Guide to Witchcraft a long time ago and thought it would be hard to get back into this series. However it only took me a few chapters to find everything still looked very familiar. I like Jane and her friends and it didn't take me long to feel at home with them, like visiting old friends.

The story was good but the plot didn't hold many surprises for me. It seems Jane is a little too naive and I felt like screaming at her for making so many wrong decisions. Being British I did cringe at the jolly English accent but then again being Welsh I knew the Englishman was up to no good from the start ;)

This is chicklit, witchy and very cozy and could do with some more magic. I do want to read the next book in the series but it could take me a while to get hold of a copy. However that doesn't bother me so much because this is a series you can pick up anytime and just fall into.


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