Tuesday, 6 January 2009
When Felix Gomez returned home from the war in Iraq, he was different. Not different in a way that you would expect a soldier to be, different as in drinking blood & no daylight different. Felix decided to us his new undead skills to be a private detective but not one who follows cheating men or finds lost children but one that deals in the strange and sexy supernatural world. After all being a vampire isn't all that bad when you figure out how to use it to your advantage.

Felix has already spent some time going up against aliens, nymphomaniacs and x-rated bloodsuckers so he decides it is time for a holiday. However when he gets to Florida with plans to visit a friend about an undead Kama Sutra the secretive Araneum send him a cryptic message and then he finds a dying alien. Felix would prefer to enjoy his free time but instead he ends up trying to untangle a mess that includes aliens and the US government. How Felix manages to get himself into these messes is beyond him but by the end of it all he may just still be undead.

The Undead Kama Sutra is the third book in the Felix Gomez series and things just keep getting better and better. While reading this book I actually start to wonder if the author is indeed writing an autobiography because the way he writes seems so realistic that I can't believe that this is fiction. With an eye for details and the perfect attitude, Felix Gomez is a character that leaves you in awe.

With a great plot and so much action and mystery packed into this story it is a wonder that the author still has enough in him for another book. Jailbait Zombie is due out next month and I think it is going on my pre-order list because this series is an amazing read.

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At 7 January 2009 at 07:17, Blogger Vickie

To the best of my knowledge, Mario is not a vampire private detective. He was an Army officer and has a smarta** sense of humor, but I think that's where most of the similarities end. Oh, and they both live here in Denver area. = )

I can't wait to read the third one, especially as now I know the fourth is coming out soon. I have it as a next up on my nightstand. It will be either bedside book or purse book. I like the looks I get when I read his books in public and people read the titles.....


At 7 January 2009 at 07:19, Blogger Vickie

Though you probably already know, this is the blog shared by Mario and Jeanne C Stein.


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