Wednesday, 31 December 2008
When the survivor of a bungled Mob hit starts to take revenge, the bodies start piling up and the CSI team get the case. Finding the clues to piece the case together isn't easy but as the follow what they have got things start to make more sense. In a race against time the team work together to get the job done and hopefully put another case to bed.

Yeah another Graphic novel. I realised I had so many on my bookshelf and wanted to get a few read before the dust ruined the covers! So this time I found myself visiting yet another of my favourite TV shows, CSI Las Vegas.

The story was good but I have to say the artwork could have been better. Of course I knew who all the characters were supposed to be but some of them lacked detail. All in all a great graphic novel that no fan should pass up on. Worth tracking down if you need a fix before the series starts back up again after the holidays.

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