Sunday, 21 December 2008
Harry Dresden always seems to find trouble. Or is it trouble is always finding him? When Harry's friend Karrin Murphy is threatened he will do everything he can to save her. And that is when the trouble starts. The vampire blackmailing him wants something that is extremely powerful and also has some rather nasty people trying to find it. Harry doesn't even know what the Word of Kemmler is but he has found himself in the race to get it.

With necromancers roaming the Chicago streets on Halloween you can be sure that there will be alot of trouble. The White council are on the job but the Special Investigations department is on holiday. Will Harry manage to save the city again? Will he keep Karrin Safe? Will he keep himself in one piece?

Book seven in the Dresden Files series and I am not bored yet. This just keeps getting better and better and I am looking forward to joining Harry again soon. I missed Karrin in this book though. She was the reason Harry got into the trouble in the first place but she only had a small role in this installment. Hopefully she will be back next time.

Anyone who has been reading the Dresden Files will no doubt have enjoyed this book already but people who haven't read about this amazing wizard yet should go and catch up on the fun!

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