Sunday, 16 November 2008
Sol lives in a huge domed city with an Ice Age raging outside. Inside the electric keeps going out and certain items are just not available anymore. The Clockworkers make sure that nobody goes unpunished and that the secrets of the city are kept a secret. Normal people like Sol have no idea what is really happening in the depths of Ash Harbor.

It isn't unusual for his father not to come home on payday night. But then Sol realises that it has been more than one night since his dad has been home and he starts to worry. After witnessing a strange accident Sol begins to ask alot of questions and nobody wants to give him any answers. When he finds out that his dad has been accused of murder and is apparently on the run he can only keep asking more and more questions and this time there are people making sure that he won't find the answers.

As Sol starts to get closer to finding the answers he needs the Clockworkers start chasing him down. Will he manage to reveal the secrets the city is hiding and find out what happened to his dad? Not only is Sol's live in danger but everyone he knows and loves. If he manages to reveal the truth it will change Ash Harbor forever.

I remember Daylight Runner arriving in my postbox while I was moving apartments and somehow I lost track of it. I found it the other day and put it to the top of my reading pile and I just spent a nice few hours curled up with this extremely unique read.

Think Scott Westerfeld, Total Recall and X-files all mixed up together. There was that great teenage and young reader element that I always find when reading Westerfeld's books. There was that fantasy and futuristic feel of the film Total Recall. Then to bring things together was the conspiracy and mystery aspect of the X-files. A great mix and a super read.

I wonder if this will turn into a series or is a one off but either way I will be keeping an eye out for anything else that this author writes. This is great young adult reading with a well thought out story.

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At 16 November 2008 at 17:48, Blogger Ladytink_534

Well not too crazy about Total Recall but I really like Scott Westerfeld and the X-Files! Sounds interesting.


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