Monday, 3 November 2008
Sam and Dean are on the road again and decide to stop off and check out the Grand Canyon. However as usual where the Winchester brothers travel the Supernatural isn't too far away. In a nearby town, every forty years, there is a mysterious murder spree that kills most of the residents. The forty year cycle has started again and with a new mall opening in the town limits the supernatural murderers have alot more victims to choose from.

The boys are determined to get to the bottom of the forty year mystery but there isn't much to go on. Not many people can remember the last time the murders occured and everyone says it is more urban legend than reality. Then people start dying in strange circumstances. Ghost animals and soldiers start terrorizing the town and the Winchester boys have to work fast to find the real reason behind the killings before the time is up.

I love Supernatural and even though Witch's Canyon only has the Winchester brothers on the cover to drool over it still makes great reading. This is an original story that won't be shown on TV so if you need a fix this is worth checking out. Of course reading about the boys isn't as good as seeing them on screen but the same banter is there and the author has captured Sam and Dean really well.

I will definitely buy more Supernatural novels in the future and enjoy getting to know the boys even better.


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