Sunday, 19 October 2008
Clare has literally just finished her A Level exams when her mother tells her she is moving away from London. Clare was looking forward to spending a Summer in the city with her friends before they all go their separate ways but then she decides to go with her mother to the historic English estate of Ravensmere. As the journey starts Clare realises that her mother hasn't been completely honest with her about her past. Arriving at the estate Clare knows that her mother has been keeping alot of secrets that she can only hope that one day her mother will share with her.

It doesn't take long for Clare to start finding out what her mother has been keeping from her. The residents already seem to know Clare and the cryptic conversations she has with them slowly start to make more sense. Clare starts to take midnight walks in the abandoned China Garden for no reason and then her mother finally reveals her past. Then Clare finds out that the estate is in danger and suddenly she finds herself risking everything to save it.

The China Garden is one of those books that you usually don't come across except by accident. It is one of those gems that you will either love or hate and will think about forever. With so much history, power and intrigue this kept me up till the early hours of the morning. With so many layers this book has mystery, suspense and an amazing spooky atmosphere.

If you ever have the chance to pick up The China Garden
then do. It was a great read and I will checking to see if this author has written anything else. Slightly paranormal, mythological and magical this young adult book reminded me of my childhood favourite The Secret Garden with a more modern and mystical twist.

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At 19 October 2008 at 07:19, Blogger Kimberly Swan

Haven't heard of this one, sounds very good! :)


At 19 October 2008 at 08:02, Anonymous Anonymous

This is one of my all-time favorites. I have read it at least five times now. You're right, most people find it by accident- it was given to me by a friend after decided it was the best book ever written. I wish all stories were this magical and perfect.


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