Sunday, 5 October 2008
In an alternative world Crystal Lafarge is the lead investigator of SPIT (State's Paranormal Investigate Team) and uses her psychic talents to help catch ghosts, ghouls, witches, vampires and anything else that goes bump in the night or does something bad. Called out to a scene where a body has been dug up, Crystal can only guess that someone is raising zombies

Together with Captain Brian Booker, Crystal starts to put the pieces together but nothing adds up. Then Brian tells her about his Twin sister Diana who is under the influence of a level 8 mage called Lothar. Brian has asked Ulrich, who is also a level 8 mage, to help him get his sister back and he wants Crystal to come along and watch his back.

Ulrich is happy to help confiscate Lothar's powers and wants nothing in return but Brian and Crystal don't want to take any chances. However after the first meeting all three of them can only think about what they could do together. They realise quickly that as a threesome they could harness enough magic to go up against that level 8 mage.

This is quick reading but it sure does make a big impact. Hot, sexy and spicy this is a nice blend of paranormal mystery and erotic romance that brings a whole new meaning to teamwork. This was well written and hopefully the author will continue to write about this threesome because I for one would love to read more about them.

Reviewed for Paranormal Romance

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At 6 October 2008 at 14:04, Blogger Tarot By Arwen

If you liked that, you may also enjoy Marilu Mann's books. Kacey is one half of the team that is Marilu. I'm the other half. Kacey is simply an amazing author and I'm so glad you found her story! I can't wait to see Brian and Ulrich's stories!


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