Saturday 27 September 2008
The gift Rhia has recieved from the crow connects her to death. She hears the voices of the dead everyday now she is has reached her second phase and is pregnant. Trying to lead a normal life is not easy and having glimpsed at her son's death and then to have him stolen from her shows just how difficult things are. She isn't someone who gives up easily and Rhia takes strength from the Crow and sacrifices anything she can to bring her family back together and keep her friends safe.

The war may be over for now but there are still reminders of the destruction the Descendents left behind. Filip the solider finds himself trapped in a land that he doesn't understand but notices he can understand something he couldn't before. Will he face up to what he has become? With Rhia's and Alanka's help Filip will become stronger than he ever was before.

Voice Of Crow is the second part in Aspect of Crow Trilogy and was even better than the first part. This story flows like water, memorizes you with its waves and catches you till the end where it leaves you stranded on the shore wanting more. This is magical, entertaining and the best fantasy I have read in a long time. This world is so close to ours in many ways but far enough away to be new. I can't get enough and loved how this part was not only told from Rhia's perspective but from the other main characters views as well.

I am dying to read the third part, The Reawakened, but I am trying to be good and leave it at least till Monday before I start it. If you want to try something new then I highly recommend this series. I can only guess that the last part in the trilogy will be just as amazing as the first two books and hopefully complete Aspect of Crow Trilogy with the grace of a Crow.

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At 28 September 2008 at 16:18, Blogger Caffey

I absolutely love this series! I had seen her first one and was pulled in with the blurb. I didn't want to walk out of the store without it. I read it in two days and I finally got book two VOICE OF CROW and so can't wait to read it. I didn't realize its out already? I too want to get her two other books, I believe vampire romances? Got to check! If I could, hers would be auto buys as soon as they come out!


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