Friday 22 August 2008
He is handsome, intelligent and perfect but Daniel Morning is getting fed up of living up to everyones expectations and doing what he is told to do. So when Misty catches his eye he goes after her. She is everything he wants to be. She is a rebel and hangs out with the outcasts...she isn't afraid to just leave class.

Soon Daniel is in love with Misty and then she shows him her true self. Her wolf self. With her friends, her pack, she shapeshifts into the wolf and prowls the town all night long. Daniel joins in and his perfect life starts to change. He has freedom and is enjoying the easy life but what he doesn't realise is that eventually he is going to have to pay the price for changing his ways and trying to be something he isn't meant to be.

Alot of reviews and recommendations encouraged me to get a copy of Unleashed. I was really looking forward to seeing what the hype was about and that is probably the only reason I read this book till the end. This started off by confusing me. Too many characters made me wonder who was who in this story. Then things became a little clearer but I was still waiting for the excitement. After 100 pages I was ready to give up but I kept on...after all this is supposed to be a great read and on the cover it says it is fantastic. Well I finished the book but I can't say it did anything for me.

Yeah it is Young Adult but this was way too childish and the characters were supposed to be eighteen. I found the way the pack changed into wolves to be nothing more than an advertisement for drug taking and not at all paranormal. I didn't like any of the characters much and the storyline was somewhat erratic with months sometimes flying by in a paragraph but then one day taking up five chapters. This was not what I expected but it has made me wonder what the other book I have by this author called Tripping to Somewhere is going to be like. I won't be rushing to read it but I am going to give it a try because the author has somehow got me wanting to read more of his work.

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