Tuesday, 29 July 2008
Thais Allard has just lost her in an accident and now she must leave home and live with a total stranger in New Orleans. It is a weird experience made only worse by the people she meets and the things she sees. She will learn alot of things about herself and discover secrets that will shatter everything she ever believed.

Clio Martin has lived in New Orleans her whole life and has been a witch just as long. Her nan has taught her well and with her eighteenth birthday approaching she is rushing to learn everything she needs to come into her power and heritage. What she doesn't know is that her roots to magic are alot deeper and complicated than she thought.

They both share a bond and meeting up in the weirdest of circumstances brings the girls together for the first time. Nothing will ever be the same but this is just the start of everything.

I love Cate Tiernan's Sweep series and wanted to finish it before starting on this new series called Balefire. A Chalice of Wind is the first in the series and although slightly predictable this was a well written magical story that makes me want to grab Book #2 straight away.

More grown up than the Sweep series Balefire is also more intense and has a deeper magical feel to it. Although this is a young adult book I am sure anyone who has an interest in magic and witchcraft will love this book because the author really knows her stuff. This isn't an author who has just made something up that sounds good. Cate Tiernan knows Wicca, Magie etc and has woven it into yet another story that readers of the genre can really enjoy.

If this first book is anything to go by I will be enjoying the other three in the Balefire series...and I am sure I will be picking them up soon. I hope this author has more to offer in the future because she one author I have no qualms about buying.

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At 29 July 2008 at 16:11, Blogger Estella

Sounds like this will be a great series!


At 3 August 2008 at 09:21, Blogger Unknown

I hope so!


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