Sunday, 27 July 2008
Santeria markings, Hindu magic, Druidic Runes and Japanese mysticism all have something to do with the latest batch of murders in Somerset. The police have no idea what any of it means and only the Medical Examiner's Office have some clues as to what is happening.

Jenna Blake has already solved two cases while working with the Medical Examiner and this time she isn't really trying to get involved but her boss invites her along. She finds out more about the killer in one visit to the crime scene than anybody else has managed to come up with. Jenna once again follows the clues and gets results but it also means she is danger for the third time in her first semester.

Although I like all things forensic and enjoy CSI I find this series is a little over the top. After only three months in her part time job and in college Jenna has already been a part of three major investigations. At the age of eighteen it is a wonder she hasn't gone mental. This is well written and interesting series I will keep reading but I have to say that the lead character is slowly starting to irritate me. One moment she is being all grown up, out solving murders and helping cut up dead bodies and then she is being a baby, moaning and crying around about her friends.

Soul Survivor is book number three and even though the Alane Ferguson's forensic series is much better but there aren't any more due out anytime soon so I will have to keep myself happy with Christopher Golden's take on things.

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At 27 July 2008 at 08:08, Blogger Kimberly Swan

I don't think I've even come across this series. It sounds interesting, even if she should be mental. *grin*


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