Sunday 27 July 2008
May has an unique talent. She can hide in the shadows and nobody can see her. It makes her job as a thief very easy but she is commanded by a demon lord and the Otherworld law is out to get her.

Gabriel is the leader of the Silver Dragons and even when May is hidden to everyone else he can see her. When he kisses her she can control his fire and that means she is a Wyvern mate. Gabriel and May are happy to mate but May just doesn't have the time to settle down like Gabriel would like her to.

Anyone who keeps up with my Goodreads group will know that I was struggling with this one at the beginning. I am not sure what was putting me off but it was a mixture of the characters and just the general way the story started. I actually put this one down for a week and I really thought I wouldn't pick this up again but I decided to give it one more chance. I did finish it but it was a bit of a bumpy ride.

Things heated up when Jim came along. Anyone who has followed Katie's book will know who Jim is. Then Aisling and Drake were on the scene and I started to relax back into the familiar 'Dragon World'. The story was going really well and then things went bad again. Way too much talk and not enough action was annoying me...then there was too many characters and way too much information. I actually got a headache and wanted to throw the book across the room. However the end was great with an amazing cliffhanger that will definitely have me buying the next book in the series.

All in all Playing with Fire is a must read for any Aisling Grey fans out there as this book carries on from Holy Smokes and is set in the same world. If you haven't read the Aisling Grey books then you may have a problem getting into this one. I had problems and I have read the previous books so be warned!

I hope Aisling will make appearances in the future Silver Dragons books with her dragon Drake. I started to like May and the other new characters as things progressed but I doubt I will ever like them as much as Jim, Aisling and Drake. Up in Smoke is the next book in the series and I have to read it to find out what happens next. I look forward to it and hope I don't have as much trouble with it as this first part.

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