Wednesday 23 July 2008
Mercy Hollings has never been certain that she is human. All the x-rays and blood tests are normal but she has the power to persuade people to do what she tells them. Mercy calls her power the 'Press' and many people would think her life must be easy with such a cool gift. In reality the gift isn't really a great thing to have. Especially when Mercy gets angry because then everyone is at risk.

Trying to look after a friend, Mercy uses her power and things backfire. Before she knows what is happening her friend is in hospital and Mercy is up against some nasty characters. With a love interest who wants to have no secrets, a new business to get off the ground and the weird Dominic turning up everywhere, Mercy has more than enough to handle. So she starts to press people all around town hoping that she can make things right but if she isn't careful she will only make things worse.

The blurb for Beg for Mercy caught my eye a while back and for some reason I decided to wait to get my hands on it. I am happy I did wait. Now I am not saying this one is bad but I have to say I feel slightly misled. Even the book says it is paranormal but just because the main character has a gift is it paranormal? Werewolves, vampires and various other creatures for me equals paranormal and I was expecting this to be at least fantasy. How wrong I was.

This is your typical cozy mystery with a twist. Think of Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye series and you are on the right track. Now I am not saying this was a bad read because it was actually an OK read. However I really was expecting something completely different and as soon as it became clear that this wasn't turning out like I thought it started to bore me.

Mercy is slightly annoying and her friends are too. I got used to them after a while but I have to admit I did think about giving up on this one a few times. In the end I have to say I liked it but I am not going to rave about it to all my friends. I would most likely recommend it to someone who likes cozy mystery's but definitely not to any paranormal lovers. I already got the second book in this series 'Angel of Mercy' as an early Birthday present so I will be reading it. Hopefully the series will get some more strength as it continues because it does have promise.

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At 23 July 2008 at 19:19, Blogger Estella

I don't think I would read this one.


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