Saturday 19 July 2008
'Good in Bed' lead lady Cannie Shapiro is back again. Ten years have passed by and nothing much has changed in Cannie's life. Happily married, Cannie is happy to knit and go to yoga. Her daughter Joy is about to have her bat mitzvah and is also starting to be a bit of a handful.

Things start changing when Cannie's agent asks her to write another book and her husband decides he wants to have a baby. Then Joy starts acting strange and doing things that Cannie only knows some of the details about. Her future is slowly turning into something else than what she expected and it doesn't look like anyone is happy about any of it.

So I haven't posted anything for a few days and you are thinking 'What the hell? She has been off reading a pink non paranormal book?`. Well yeah...sometimes I need to get away from the spells, blood and darkness and visit some of my old favourites, one them being Jennifer Weiner. I loved Good in Bed and can remember wondering what Cannie what could happen to Cannie after. Now I have my answer and it was a pleasure to read.

Half Chick-Lit and half Young adult Certain Girls chapters alternate between mother and daughter telling the story from their perspective. I longed for Joy's take on things and wondered if I really could still like Cannie as I read her almost moaning account of what was going on. However in the end I have to say that this story was perfectly written and was full of humour and real life.

The last 50 or so pages of the book took me by surprise when the author did something completely unexpected with the story. It made sure that I left this book with a tear in my eye and the hope that the author will keep writing more amazing books like this and maybe even another book about Cannie and her daughter Joy. I am glad I took the time away from ghosts, vamps and weres to read this and if anyone likes a little chick-lit now and again I can highly recommend this book!

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