Monday, 14 July 2008
Gang leader Jack Farlowe's body is found washed up on the beach and it looks like a clear case of suicide. Heartbroken after his daughter's death everyone is sure he drowned himself. Who cares...good riddance now there is one less criminal on the streets.

However things take a strange twist when Farlowe's men start turning up dead. Killed in strange horrific ways it looks like someone is taking revenge for the death of Farlowe's daughter. Why would anyone but the dead Farlowe want to do that?

You know how it are meeting someone and you are too early and forgot to pack a book. So you go in the nearest bookstore and get something, just anything to see you through. Well this book was one of those purchases. In Vienna I am happy if I find a book store with English books and to find this cheap one was 2 strokes of luck.

Only a 'Quick read' this story was well written and I quite enjoyed the twists and turns. If I ever have no paranormals left to read I could see myself looking up this author to fill the gap. Not as great as Ian Rankin but not that bad either. This book was a nice little taster and I am sure I will be reading more by this author sometime in the future.


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