Sunday, 6 July 2008
Middle school sucked and Vladimir Tod is pretty sure high school won't be much better. After a nice long Summer where he failed to successfully phone up the love of his life, Meredith, he starts school in the best way possible. First he finds a new friend who helps him with his fight against the school bullies. Then he gets a stalker in the shape of a school newspaper photographer and lastly he finds out a slayer is after him.

Being a vampire isn't all it is made out to seem so when Vlad gets the chance to go to Siberia with his uncle Otis he jumps as the chance. Vlad starts to learn how to use his mind-controlling abilities and spends some time learning what it really means to be a vampire. Which he needs to know because it may just be that little something that will save his life.

Ninth Grade Slays is the second part in 'The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod' and starts off pretty slow but soon hots up. After a Summer break following Eighth Grade Bites it is clear that Vlad has done some growing up but still has that 'little boy' inside him who misses his parents and needs family. It was great to read about Vlad's newest adventures and he reminds me of Darren Shan in his ways. Sometimes naive but sometimes strong this is a teenager who will grow up to be who he needs to be. Despite what any prophecies say!

I am really looking forward to see what happens to this vampire teenager next. Tenth Grade will definitely be an interesting read if the revelations in this book were anything to go by. Great writing, plot and characters this isn't just for young adult readers but also for those adults who like a good laugh and a thrilling vampire story.

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