Tuesday 24 June 2008
Megan Rhys has been asked to advise on the murders of two young prostitutes. They were dumped like rubbish and so far the police can only deduct that there must be two killers working together. The information Megan gets from the police is strange and she gets the impression that someone is trying to manipulate her.

Everything starts to add up and then some new evidence comes along to break the theory. Megan starts to wonder if she is going crazy...has someone really been in her house? Can she trust her instincts and maybe face her fear that the killer is someone she knows.

I saw this author advertised somewhere and really wanted to try her work because she is Welsh like myself. I was really pleased when a friend sent this to me and I knew as soon as I took the book out of the envelope that I was going to be reading this very soon. I actually put this one in my bag to read when I was on public transport but after the first few chapters this book came out of the bag and I was curled up with it - I was hooked.

This was a great mystery that had me guessing all the way till the end. The storyline is by no means tame but it was realistic and interesting just like another mystery favourite of mine, Lin Anderson. The writing style was very good and I really can't wait to read more by this author.

If you love a good mystery, don't mind it being a bit bloody and sick and like a female lead then this is for you. Megan Rhys is a forensic psychologist and she worth reading about.


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