Sunday, 22 June 2008
Emerald O'Brien is about to tie the know with her fiancè Joe. It isn't her first time as a bride but she is sure that this marriage is going to be happier than her first. What she didn't expect is for her ex-husband to show up at her engagement party.

His presence sets off a fight and he finally leaves after threatening to ruin the wedding. Is he resposible for the problems that start hindering Emerald's big day? Or is the wedding cursed? Emerald starts sleuthing again and this time she is trying to help herself as well as best friend Murphy.

'One Hex of a Wedding' is the last book in the 'Chitz ´n China' mystery books and I am sad to see things end. The previous books were great but this last one was the best and I am left feeling sad that I won't get to see what happens next in Emerald's life.

These mysteries with a hint of supernatural have been lovey and cozy and anyone looking for a mystery that is easy, fun and interesting to read should look no further than this series. It was a joy to read and I still hope that the author will write more...or at least a short story...

Now I am ready for 'Dragon Wytch' the 4th book in the Sisters of the Moon series also by this author. I also hope that the postman will bring me a copy sooner (the US release date) rather than later (the European release date).


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