Wednesday, 18 June 2008
Josie Marcus is a single mum and a mystery shopper. Her job isn't always glamourous but it pays the bills and sometimes it can be fun. Although lately it hasn't been too good. Stuck with mystery shopping at greasy fast food joints isn't really Josie's favourite assignment.

Things are never quiet in Josie's life and when her best friend's husband is accused of murder she finds herself trying to find out who really did kill Halley Hardwicke. She also has a credit card problem that needs dealing with and a mother who has started smoking again. Although things in her love life are looking up when a handsome plumber makes a call.

I always love a nice cozy mystery and find they are a good read to help me through my work week. Not too heavy story wise and enjoyable characters this series in particular also has the fun mystery shopper angle. A great plot which kept me guessing till the end and also the continuation of Josie's life story was once again interesting and it was like visiting a friend.

In this third part, Accessory to Murder, started off rocky. The beginning really wasn't as good as usual and I really thought that the series was going downhill. After the first half of the book I felt things were back on form but I am not sure if I like Josie's best friend very much. On the other side of things I hope Josie and the plumber have a future...she deserves something good with everything she has been through!

Roll on book #4 which is called 'Murder With All the Trimmings' because I will happily snuggle up with another cozy Josie Marcus story.


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At 18 June 2008 at 23:49, Blogger Kimberly Swan

So I'm not the only one who needs that mystery fix now and then. :)


At 19 June 2008 at 07:01, Blogger Ladytink_534

I still haven't read anything by Elaine Viets except for this blog she participates on. I think she's amazing as a person though since she had a stroke last year (or was it 2006?) that they thought she was going to die from and now she's back to work again on her stories!

Love those cozies! My favorites right now are the ones by Madelyn Alt.


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