Sunday, 15 June 2008
Tally is now pretty and her new looks are perfect. Her clothes look great, her boyfriend is hot and she is popular. However underneath all the fun and non-stop parties there is a nagging sense that something is wrong with the luxury and freedom. There is something important that Tally has to remember and she is sure it has something to do with when she was Ugly.

Finding a note written by herself puts the wheels in motion. Tally remembers what is wrong with the Pretty life and starts to form a plan to get out of the city before the Specials find out what she is up to. With her boyfriend Zane helping her she feels confident but her friend Shay isn't helping much and things could go terribly wrong.

This second part in the trilogy wasn't as 'bubbly' as the first. I really enjoyed 'Uglies' and the story in that first book totally blew me over but this sequel wasn't as cool somehow. Could this series turn out to be a repeat of the 'Midnighters' ?(also written by Scott Westerfeld) Great first book, ok 2nd book and horrible 3rd book?

I am interested in reading the 3rd book 'Specials' because this series is really original and out there. Futuristic but also realistic the author has picked up on teenage problems and cleverly written them into a series they can enjoy. The cliffhanger ending in 'Pretties' has ensured that I will be reading the next book but I won't be rushing to get to it.


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