Monday 26 May 2008
How does it feel to live and work on one of the most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resorts in the world? This is the question Imogen Edwards-Jones asked 'anonymous' and then used the true stories to write this book.

An amazing story of billionaires, celebrities, hangers-on and prostitutes. This book really delves into the lives of the rich and famous and spills the beans on how stupid and annoying they can be. The true stories are told in a fictional way with the manager of the island resort telling the story from his perspective. This book had me laughing out loud and cringing. A well worth fun read.

I picked this book up in Amsterdam airport yesterday and finished it this morning. I really enjoyed this one and it was on par with her previous books Hotel & Air Babylon. I wonder what she will do next?


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At 26 May 2008 at 19:46, Anonymous Anonymous

Hi Amber!

Ooo, a new Imogen Edwards-Jones - yay!

I loved Hotel Babylon and have Air Babylon here to read.

I highly recommend her novel, Tuscany for Beginners ... a funny book about a snarky bed & breakfast owner.

Love your bloggie!!


At 27 May 2008 at 08:46, Blogger Unknown

Tuscany for Beginners is the first book I read by this author a long time ago. I really enjoyed it.

In the UK they have a TV series called 'Hotel Babylon'. I believe it is based on the book...


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