Friday, 16 May 2008
Of course I have already read all of the books in this wonderful series but I couldn't resist starting at the beginning again on audio book. This is the first Paranormal book I ever read a few years ago that started off my lust and addiction for this genre. Kim Harrison and her Rachel Morgan series starts off here in 'Dead Witch Walking' and carries on till the recently released 'The Outlaw Demon Wails' and I have them all on my bookshelf.

It was nice to visit Rachel again and to remember how it all started. So much has happened over the length of this series and I have to admit I had forgotten little pieces of info and some things from the newer releases made some more sense.

Rachel has changed so much since this first book and I am not sure if I prefer her now or before. Alot of the things in this book she promises she will never do are now broken and her ways and attitudes have become harder and I found her to be a little girlie like in this book.

As an audio book this was good quality. At first I didn't like the narrators voice but after a while I warmed to it and liked her accents. This is quite a long book and I have been listening to this for about 3 weeks on and off. It was well worth it and I want to listen to the others now as well.

If you haven't tried this series yet then start with this book and enjoy! It is a brilliant series and every paranormal genre lover should have read these books by now.

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