Sunday 11 May 2008
In a field outside the Everglades a balloon has just set down with the lone passenger inside. It looks like suicide but the CSI Miami team have the experience and gut instinct that tell them something else happened. Now the only question now is what happened?

A yacht full of bullet holes crashes into the Port of Miami. With no sign of drugs on board but just alot of dead bodies it is up to the CSI team to figure out what happened out at sea and why there is a huge fish strung up inside the boat.

A local journalist is found dead in his apartment. He had been conducting research and interviews to collection material for a book. A book that seems to have some people on edge. But which of them went to all the trouble to shut up the writer permanently?

Three cases are covered and solved in this newest CSI Miami book. All of them as interesting as the next with twists and turns that will make all lovers of the series enjoy this book.

I have to say that I haven't been too impressed by the CSI Miami series but this was by far the best one yet. If you like the series then you will definitely like this. Worth reading when the series is on a break :)


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