Sunday, 4 May 2008
Harry Dresden and the White Council have never been the best of friends. But a war with the vampires has left the council short on men and Harry has been drafted in as warden to make up the numbers. Harry is still adjusting to his new role when a tattooed and pierced Molly arrives on the scene. Molly is the oldest daughter of his old friend Micheal and Harry will do anything for him and his family so off he goes to bail out Molly. Little does he know that this simple good deed is going to cost him a whole lot more.

This 8th book in the 'Dresden Files' was one of the best yet. I have spent my time with the audio books and haven' caught up with Harry's new adventures for a while so it was a pleasure to find him in such good working order!

The storyline in this book flowed along nicely and got fast and furious when it needed to but slow and thoughtful too. With lots of characters well known to anyone following the series this was an interesting read. A few changes come about and I am really interested to see where life is going to lead Harry next.


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