Wednesday, 30 April 2008
It is always nice to get good feedback from authors and while some of them come here to the blog and post me a comment some actually email me or the company I reviewed their book for. So I thought I would share these notes when I get them.

I reviewed Final Words by Teri Thackston and she sent this email -

Teri Thackston wrote:
Subject: Re: ParaNormalRomance: A review of Final Words has been posted!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review. This is the first I've received on this book and I truly appreciate it!

I also reviewed Ring Around the Moon by Anita Brit and got this note -

A thank you from Anita Birt

Anita Birt wrote:
Subject: Re: ParaNormalRomance: A review of Ring Around the Moon has been

Please thank Amber for reviewing my book. It's always a thrill to read such
a well written review. I'm delighted Amber enjoyed Ring Around The Moon.


I have more feedback emails here somewhere and if i find them I will add them too!

Thanks to all the authors who email me and let me know what they think of my site and my reviews!


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