Monday, 28 April 2008
After 2 years of having nightmares that predict something bad will be happening soon...Stacey needs a break. So this Summer she takes a vacation with her boyfriend Jacob and their circle of friends. A nice long break before they have to start college.

It should be the perfect holiday with sun, surf and fun but then the nightmares return. This time they aren't about a friend but about a girl Stacey has never met before. A girl staying in a cottage down the road. Why is Stacey dreaming about this girl? Does it mean the girl will die soon?

Stacey can't sit back and watch the bad things start to unfold but her dreams aren't that clear. She stops enjoying the holiday and starts snooping and working some spells to help the holiday end in a nice way and not as a real nightmare.

I really enjoyed 'Blue is for Nightmare' and 'White is for Magic' (the first 2 books in this series) but this 3rd based on Stacey was no where near as good as the previous books.

This was not spooky and there was not much magic involved. The characters seemed childish and even though they are older in this book they were alot more grown-up in the previous two stories.

The ending was a little shocking but I have to say it only slightly made up for the bad storyline throughout the book. Not at all the best in this series I am still looking forward to seeing what happens next in 'Red is for Remembrance'.


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