Thursday 24 April 2008
Twenty years ago, Morgan Rowlands was the most powerful young blood witch to be born for a long time. She made magickal discoveries and faced evil more than once. Now Morgan's life is different.

Morgan has moved to Ireland, married, had a child and been widowed since we last saw her. In this book we meet her as a grown woman and meet her daughter, Moira. This book is twice as long as the other Sweep books were and is told from both Morgan's and Moira's perspective. With lots of heartbreaking secrets coming out in this one it is well worth reading if you have read any of the Sweep books.

This is the 15th and last part in the Sweep series and it was a lovely ending. I am sad to see the series come to an end but I have enjoyed it and now I can move on to 'Balefire' which is also written by this author.

If you haven't tried the 'Sweep' series yet - I can highly recommend it.


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