Wednesday, 2 April 2008
The Women's Murder Club have made it to book seven and this time the audiobook was much cheaper than the book so I decided to listen to this new installment.

The story in this 7th book in the series was as always good. However I think the series has lost some of the power it had in the early days. I find the main characters are way too cocky and have big egos.

I like how the writer brings together a series of events into one case and still has all the nice little ends tied up nicely by the end of the book. However I wonder how much James Patterson writes himself these days. He always seems to be writing 'with' someone and I could see alot of female influence in this one and found it a little lovey dovey at times.

As for the audio part of this book. Well the narrator's voice got on my nerves at the beginning but I got used to her. I found some of her character voices good but then others I found whiny. Oh and the dodgy music in the background now and again was not needed! It just made me want to laugh.

All in all a great book and nice to listen to. Any Patterson fan will need to read this because it is worth it.

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