Monday, 17 March 2008
We interrupt this book blog to tell you about a music discovery.

On Saturday I was out shopping and there was some cool sounding music playing in the shop. I was convinced it was Nick Cave but then I wandered over to the music desk and there was a sign saying 'You are listening to' and a CD. I checked out the CD and saw that it wasn't Nick Cave but a bad called iLIKETRAINS. I kept listening the whole time I was in the shop and couldn't get the music out of my head.

So later on I was looking up the band on MySpace. Downloading the CD from itunes and I haven't been able to do anything else but listen and hum the songs. Sure they are slightly depressing and dark but I love it!!

Oh and the coolest thing!? They are playing in Vienna next month!! So I really want to go see them in concert!




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