Saturday, 29 March 2008
Alane Ferguson is a great writer and I love this series. Even though this book is aimed at teenagers the writer doesn't hold back in her in-depth view of how forensics work and what an autopsy is really like.

In this 3rd book in the series Cameryn is still helping her dad the county coroner. A body with a missing head starts her day while an apparent suicide rounds up her Saturday.

Although the suicide is the body that makes Cameryn worry the most. The victim was a hitchhiker her mother picked up earlier. Her mother who isn't as stable as Cameryn thought.

Following Cameryn through the book is exciting stuff. Anyone who enjoys CSI or other forensic programmes/books should definitely try this series but start at the beginning...there is a background story that needs to be followed and if the cliffhanger ending in this part is anything to go by things are just going to get more and more interesting!

I would love to have the 4th book now!! Although I can't find any info about it...


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