Saturday 29 March 2008
It has been a year since Vampire Babylon Book One 'Night Rising' was released. I read it back then and thought it was the start of a new series I could grow to like. However after reading this second part I still didn't love it.

Ok it isn't bad but it hasn't made me jump around in happiness either. I don't really care when the 3rd part will be released and I don't want to add it to my wishlist. I just don't find this series to be amazing. I found it hard to follow and I didn't like any of the characters at all.

Sure it has a new angle. Superstars becomming vampires hasn't really been done before. Although the whole story failed to capture my undivided attention and I found myself putting the book down every 20 - 30 pages and going off and doing something else. Which for a fast reader like myself isn't a good sign.

I am sure some people reading this book will enjoy it immensely and praise it. I can't. I don't usually give bad reviews because I don't usually give this kind of book the time of day and throw it to one side after 70 or so pages. With this book though I wanted to like it but in the end it just didn't convince me.

Would be interesting to hear what others think of this one. Seeing as it hasn't impressed me at all.


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At 29 March 2008 at 16:35, Anonymous Anonymous

Yes, another one on my mile long wish list, but you whet my appetite to read it! :)


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