Sunday, 9 March 2008
I enjoyed 'Blue is for Nightmares' so much that I had to go and order the next book in this series called 'White is for Magic'. With the same characters and a few new ones this book was just as good and maybe even better than the first.

It is one year later and Stacey is having nightmares again. This time her dreams are haunted by the dead and they were all brutally murdered. Everything that starts to happen strains not only hinders her sleep but also makes her love life and friendships suffer. However she isn't the only one having strange dreams. New boy Jacob is dreaming about Stacey's death.

Spooky and interesting this series is turning out to be a great read. I have the next book 'Silver is for Secrets' here ready to read and then there is a 4th book called 'Red is for Remembrance' which I am sure I will be getting my hands on too!


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At 11 March 2008 at 15:35, Blogger Batty

This series is AMAZING! I haven't gotten a chance to read the others, but I have read Blue is for Nightmare.


At 12 March 2008 at 13:08, Blogger Unknown

I also read 'Bleed' by the same author (I think you can find it under my books read last month). It isn't paranormal but it was still really good.


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