Wednesday 5 March 2008
While Dr Who is filmed in Cardiff (where yours truely was born) they always pretend everything takes place in London. However Torchwood (move around the letters and you get Dr Who) the spin-off is filmed and based in Cardiff. So I love watching this programme and seeing all the places I know from back home! Once they even used my grand mothers old house!

'Hidden' takes place during the first series and this audio book was read by Toshiko (Naoko Mori). The story was good and well read but I have to say that the last few chapters were a little confusing. I actually went back and listened to a few parts again to make sure I was following things right.

A very interesting story with lots of information I missed Jack's presence alot as his character didn't come up often enough for my liking.

I have another audio book from the Torchwood series and will be listening to it soon. I have a few books as well but they seem to be gathering dust.

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